10 Ways to be a Good Neighbor
10 Ways to be a Good Neighbor
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10 Ways to be a Good Neighbor

By Ring on September 5, 2023

For nearly a decade, our mission at Ring has been to make neighborhoods safer. And while our video doorbells and security cameras, for example, can help you and your neighbors feel more secure, our mission goes beyond the scope of the products we build. It’s just as important that we be the best neighbors we can be - and that we empower our customers to do the same. On September 28, we invite you to celebrate Good Neighbor Day, an annual holiday that commemorates the importance of supportive communities. It’s also a great time to consider the ways we can all give back, together. Here are some of the best ways to honor your neighborhood and be a good neighbor every day!

1. Keep an Eye Out for Neighborhood Pets

Pets hold a special place in our hearts and are often the most cherished members of our families. While they sure are cute, our furry friends can be mischievous too, prone to sneaking out through an open door or even digging their way to an adjacent yard. Stepping in to help a lost pet - like this couple, who carried their neighbors’ dog back home after he snuck out for a playdate - is a fantastic way to show your neighbors you care. If you’re new to the neighborhood or just don’t recognize the pet, you can use the Neighbors App to create a Lost Pet post and ask your community for help. That’s how Telease’s dog Charlie found her way home!

2. Show Your Gratitude

Your community’s residents are what make it special, but a neighborhood is made up of so much more than the people who live next door. From postal workers to emergency personnel and more, the smooth operation of our neighborhoods relies heavily on their contributions, and recognizing their dedication can be a simple, yet impactful gesture. One way to convey your appreciation is by placing snacks or bottled water outside for delivery drivers. Or, if you have a way with words, consider writing a thank you letter to your postal worker. Maybe one day you’ll even become friends with your neighborhood’s sanitation workers, like this elderly woman whose youthful spirit earned her a new pal - and a helping hand.

3. Share Your Harvest

From a handful of homegrown parsley to your favorite pasta dish, gifting your neighbors with a delicious treat can mean the world. Whether you’re welcoming a new family to the neighborhood or expressing your condolences after a loss, gifting essentials like food or a meal can sometimes express far more than words ever could. If you have a green thumb, you could drop off a basket of fresh fruit from your garden. Or if you’re a rockstar in the kitchen, try whipping up a batch of your favorite soup to share. Your neighbors will appreciate it and you’ll feel great knowing that you made someone’s day!

4. Help With Packages

Online shopping has changed our lives for the better, but you can’t always be home when that package you’ve been waiting for finally arrives. That’s where having good neighbors (and being one, too!) comes in handy. Offering to collect your neighbors’ packages - and asking them to do the same - is a thoughtful gesture that can create a sense of mutual support. We’re not saying you have to dress up like a wolf to do it, but it sure does look fun!

5. Lend a Hand

Supporting your neighbors can help strengthen bonds, and few gestures are as valued as lending a helping hand. Whether it’s tackling yard work or shoveling snow, your assistance can make almost any task feel lighter. Have a few hours to spare? Helping out with an exciting DIY project - like these two neighbors who joined forces to build a dollhouse - can help showcase your hidden talents while creating memories, too.

6. Foster Friendships

Embracing your neighbors and fostering friendships with them can go a long way. Simple acts like visiting the elderly or dropping off a care package next door can show your neighbors that they’re on your mind - and that you appreciate them, too. If you’re new to the neighborhood and are looking to make friends, try spreading love and kindness with pizza and some homemade cookies, like brothers Zach and Pat did. Meaningful gestures like these can help uplift your own spirits - and those of the entire neighborhood.

7. Jump Into Action

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes the unexpected requires a hero who can step in and save the day. If you come across an emergency of any kind, jumping into action (assuming it is safe to do so) can make all the difference. And if the tables are turned and you’re the one being offered support, Ring’s features like Live View and Two-Way Talk can help you communicate with good Samaritans while they provide medical assistance or escort your pets to safety.

8. Volunteer in Your Community

Doing a good deed or volunteering in your community doesn’t just help those around you - it can be a great opportunity to connect with people who share similar values. Through Ring’s volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, we’ve learned this firsthand. And by donating over $1 million worth of Ring Video Doorbells to Habitat homeowners across the United States, we’ve advanced our mission to make neighborhoods safer by providing families with added peace of mind. That said, small acts go a long way, and you can have just as much of an impact by doing something as simple as picking up trash.

Ring team volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

9. Host a Neighborhood Party

Everyone loves a celebration! Whether the whole street is getting together for a barbecue or you’re throwing a housewarming party to thank the neighbors who helped you move in, coming together to eat, dance, and socialize is one of the best ways to both create and maintain bonds in your community. By hosting a gathering at your home, you’ll provide a platform for connections to form and friendships to flourish. At the end of the night, it’s likely that your guests will leave with a strong sense of unity, which can enrich the overall neighborhood experience.

10. Communicate During Emergencies via the Neighbors App

Information is power, and if your neighbor happens to be away during a time of crisis, keeping in touch with them can offer some much needed peace of mind. With the Neighbors App, you can send and receive updates on the status of your community, just like this homeowner who kept in touch with her neighbors during Hurricane Ian. Providing important details to your neighbors who may otherwise be out of the loop is the best way to show your neighbors that you’re there for them - rain or shine.

@eastcoastdiy #ad Here’s my Hurricane Ian story. The only way I was able to see my house was through my @Ring cameras and the Neighbors App! #goodneighboreveryday ♬ original sound - East Coast DIY

How will you and your neighbors celebrate Good Neighbor Day? By coming together to make your neighborhood stronger, you might even catch a good deed or two on camera. If so, we’d love to see it! Share videos of kind gestures and heartwarming moments by e-mailing us at stories@ring.com.

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