Today, the Ring team is excited to introduce to our Neighbors: Ring Protectan affordable and comprehensive DIY home security system. Ring Protect provides an incredibly effective level of security compared to expensive legacy systems, yet comes at a fraction of the cost. Forget what you know about traditional alarm systems; with Ring Protect, there are no long-term contracts or expensive fees for cancellations or extras for using cameras, sensors or mobile apps.

Ring was able to achieve these results by completely rethinking home security, how it really needs to work to be most effective for both your home and your neighborhood. Protect seamlessly integrates with all of our Ring products as well as dozens of other home security products. Providing an effective, inexpensive solution means more homeowners can afford and use Protect, which in turn will lead to safer neighborhoods.

Ring Protect includes professional monitoring and unlimited camera storage for just $10 per month or $100 per year – NO CONTRACTS, NO HIDDEN FEES. The Ring Protect product bundles start at just $199 and include a keypad, base station, door/window sensor, passive infrared sensor and Z-wave extender.

When integrated with our powerful, easy-to-use Ring Doorbells and Cams, Ring Protect creates a stronger-than-ever Ring of Security that helps secure our Neighbors’ homes, both inside and out, to further reduce and prevent neighborhood crime.  

Our mission “To Reduce Crime in Neighborhoods” guides us in everything we do here at Ring. Ring Protect not only is a new and innovative take on home security, but its affordability truly opens up full home security, with professional monitoring, to the masses, further driving our mission forward.

Ring Doorbells and Cams are changing outdoor home security and proving their ability to help reduce crime on a daily basis. Adding Protect to this equation helps us further our mission and keep our Neighbors’ homes and families safer than ever. We are immensely proud of the impact we are having on neighborhoods around the world, and we remain as committed as ever to reinventing the security industry and developing products that affordably and effectively reduce neighborhood crime. A home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S.; we will not stop working until we eliminate every last one.

Click here to see how Ring Protect stands up to other security systems out there.

Jamie Siminoff
Chief Inventor & Founder of Ring