100% Of Active Ring Video Doorbells Keep Your Wi-Fi Password Secure
100% Of Active Ring Video Doorbells Keep Your Wi-Fi Password Secure
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100% Of Active Ring Video Doorbells Keep Your Wi-Fi Password Secure

By Ring on January 13, 2016

Ring Community,

You may have seen a report that Ring customers’ Wi-Fi passwords are currently vulnerable. This is false.

We became aware of a potential security issue regarding Wi-Fi passwords last year and promptly developed a solution to ensure Wi-Fi passwords are secure with all Ring Video Doorbells. This fix was automatically pushed to all active Ring devices via a firmware update within 24 hours of us releasing the update (no user action required).

This means 100% of active Ring Video Doorbells are currently operating on a secure version of our firmware and your Wi-Fi password is secure.

Every day, your Ring device automatically checks for new firmware updates. There is a chance that some Ring devices currently on store shelves have firmware that does not contain the fix. As soon as those devices are set up, the firmware will automatically update to latest version 1.6.39 and there will be no Wi-Fi vulnerability.

If you’d like to double check that your Ring is operating on the most up-to-date firmware – version 1.6.39 – you can simply open your app, click on your Ring device and go to its “Settings” page to view the version of firmware your device is running (see screenshots below).

We at Ring work every day to keep your home, neighborhood and community safe. If you have any concerns or would like to speak with a Ring representative for more information about this topic, we’re available. Please send an email to security@ring.com and we’ll respond promptly.


Joshua Roth

Chief Technology Officer

iOS devices

Android devices

Windows 10 Desktop

UPDATE: The current firmware version for Ring Video Doorbell is 1.6.125/1.6.291 – your WiFi network, password, and connection are 100% secure.

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