Renter-Friendly Upgrades to Elevate Your Space
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Renter-Friendly Upgrades to Elevate Your Space

By Ring on May 12, 2023

Your name may not be on the deed for the place you currently live, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home. Whether you plan to stay for two months or two years, here are a few ideas that will transform your space — without risking your security deposit.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

From outdated cabinets to cheap pulls and knobs, there are probably a few elements in your rental kitchen that don’t fit your style. These apartment kitchen upgrades are an easy way to add your own touch without making any permanent changes:

  • Peel-and-stick backsplash: A temporary backsplash gives the illusion that you installed high-end marble or colorful subway tiles — without the mess or grout. When you’re ready to move, just peel it off the wall.
  • New hardware: In a lackluster kitchen, stylish cabinet pulls or knobs can make a surprisingly big impact. Be sure to find ones that fit the current holes in your cabinets and drawers, so you can easily replace the original hardware when you leave.
  • Updated faucets: If the builder-grade faucet in your kitchen is an eyesore, you can swap it out for a higher-end statement piece. Consider calling a plumber if you’re not a seasoned DIY-er.
  • Every rental lease is different, so before you grab the toolbox, check your agreement to ensure your project isn’t prohibited. You can also check with your landlord directly to get the green light.

    Swap Out Light Fixtures and Bulbs

    Changing the light fixtures in your apartment can provide extra warmth, comfort, and style. You’ll only need a few tools to make the switch yourself, but hiring an electrician to handle installation is always a safe bet.

    If you want to add warm, cozy lighting without pesky wires, try upgrading to Wi-Fi-enabled smart bulbs. Smart bulbs allow you to set automations and control brightness from your phone, so you can come home to a well-lit apartment or turn the lights low for a movie night.

    Looking for more smart improvements to make your rental more efficient?
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    Give Your Walls a New Look

    Painting your walls may seem like the most obvious apartment upgrade for renters, but don’t overlook its impact. It may require some prep and a weekend of work, but an accent wall or an entirely new coat of paint can make your place feel more like home. Depending on your lease, you may have to repaint the walls when you move out, but some landlords may appreciate the change and keep it for the next tenant.

    If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of painting and repainting, but would like to add some pattern to your walls, try a peel-and-stick wallpaper. Alternatively, use removable mounting strips to hang a gallery wall without damaging the paint job.

    Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

    Towel rack in bathroom

    Creating a spa-like bathroom in your rental is easier than you might think. Here are a few renter-friendly DIY projects for the bathroom:

  • Switch out the shower head: If your current shower head barely lets out any water — or shoots it out in a painful stream — it’s time for an upgrade. When you leave, you can take the new head with you.
  • Use peel-and-stick floors and countertops: You can make your bathroom look newly renovated with some temporary floor and vanity tops. From vintage to modern, there are options to fit any style.
  • Mount a towel rack with extra storage: Apartments aren’t exactly known for their plentiful storage. If your countertop is too small for your skincare collection, a mountable towel rack with shelving can save the day.
  • Dress Up Your Windows

    Vinyl window blinds may get the job done — but they're not the most appealing option. You can easily replace them with a set of wooden blinds or cover them with curtains. Keep in mind that you may have to install your own curtain rod, and if your rental’s windows are a non-standard size, the new blinds may not fit your next space.

    Get Creative With Storage

    Unless you struck gold by finding a rental with ample closet space, you probably need to get creative with storage. Luckily, there are a few apartment ideas for renters that help create extra space — even in the tiniest of apartments:

  • Invest in double-duty furniture: An ottoman that doubles as a storage bin can help hide your extra blankets and pillows. If you lack countertop space in the kitchen, a portable island can give you extra prep space while providing more storage underneath.
  • Add extra shelving: A metal storage unit can act as an overflow storage space if you have an unused corner near the kitchen. Small shelving units are perfect for adding space under the sink or on the countertops.
  • Hang hooks: From heavy coats in the front entry to pots and pans in the kitchen, hooks can hold bulky items that don’t fit in closets or cabinets.
  • Extra storage may not be the most exciting apartment improvement, but it can make your space more functional and reduce clutter. A less cluttered space can help reduce stress and improve focus.

    Add a Wireless Home Security System

    You should always feel safe and secure at home, even if that home is temporary. That’s where a DIY-install security system like Ring Alarm comes in handy — you can install it yourself without drilling any holes in the wall. And when you move to a different home, you can pack up your system and take it with you.

    With a Ring Alarm security system, you can choose a kit based on the size of your rental and add extra Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors later if you move into a larger place. When the system is armed, your Base Station will sound the siren on your Alarm if someone tries to open your door or window. And with a Ring Protect Pro subscription, sold separately, you can get real-time alerts via the Ring App, no matter where you are.

    For even more visibility, you can also invest in an Indoor Cam and Video Doorbell. With these devices, you’ll be able to check in on your furry friends when you’re away from home, and you’ll know if a delivery driver stops by with your package.

    If you’re looking for a smaller video doorbell that fits right into your door, the Peephole Cam is perfect for renters. Once you remove your current peephole, you can slide the Cam right in. You’ll get notifications when motion is detected, and your Peephole Cam can even sense if someone knocks — which is perfect for rental spaces without doorbells.

    Check out our products today to see how Ring can help keep any home secure.

    Stay Connected With Your New Community

    Staying connected is simple with the Neighbors App by Ring. Anyone in your area — whether they own a Ring Alarm or not — can post about safety incidents and connect with neighbors to share crucial information. Plus, you can get alerts and engage with local agencies about breaking news, safety tips, and incidents. If you want more information on a recent incident, you can share footage from your security camera or ask a question for your neighbors to answer.

    Download the Neighbors App today and together, you and your neighbors can keep the community up-to-date and create a safer environment.

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