Moving Tips To Help Make Move-In Day a Breeze
Moving Tips To Help Make Move-In Day a Breeze
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Moving Tips To Help Make Move-In Day a Breeze

By Ring on December 19, 2022

There are only a few weeks until you make the big move to a new home, and amid the blur of boxes and excitement, it’s easy to forget everything you need to do beforehand.

Whether you’re headed across the country to a cozy bungalow or upgrading to a new build a few streets away, it pays off to start preparing for the move ahead of time. But there’s more to do than picking up a few boxes and an extra roll of packing tape. Here are some moving tips you may not have thought of.

What To Do in the Months and Weeks Before Moving

You may be tempted to sit back while you enjoy the last weeks in your current home, but setting aside a little time now to focus on moving will give you more time to relax later. Follow these moving tips we collected for you in the months and weeks before the big day, so you’re not scrambling as much the night before.

Make Moving and Travel Arrangements a Month or Two in Advance

Here’s one of the most important moving tips: Whether you’re the type of person who likes to load up a truck yourself or leave the heavy lifting to professional movers, you should decide your strategy as early as possible. This will give you plenty of time to research moving companies, ask friends and family members for recommendations, gather a few quotes, or book a truck with enough space.

If getting to your new home will require an overnight stay, you’ll need to decide how far you plan to drive each day and book places to stay accordingly.

Create a Moving Checklist

Another really helpful moving tip is to make a checklist. While you still have a little breathing room before move-in day, put together a list of things you may need to do in the coming months and weeks, like:

  • Notifying schools and preparing for enrollment.
  • Changing your address.
  • Setting a utility start and stop dates (so you don’t have to move in the dark).
  • Picking up new smart locks or calling a locksmith.
  • Updating your subscriptions and memberships.
  • Taking inventory of important items.
  • Contacting your home insurance company to see if your policy covers moving.
  • Keeping a list helps make sure you get everything major done before the move so you can settle into your new home instead of setting up appointments.

    Decide What Doesn’t Need To Make the Move

    Moving is a great opportunity to take stock of the things you really need — and the forgotten items that have been gathering dust in the back of a closet for years. Before you crack out the boxes and start packing away your must-haves, focus on decluttering.

    If you take a few bags to the local donation center and throw away what’s too worn-down to donate now, you won’t have to worry about making a last-minute stop on move-in day.

    Start Thinking About Security

    Security may be the last thing on your mind when you’re trying to figure out how to get all your belongings to a new home, but it shouldn’t be. Chances are, you’ll move a few boxes to your new place ahead of time or leave the moving van wide open while you take a phone call inside — giving others the perfect opportunity to swipe a box or two.

    To avoid ending up with a missing box of kitchen supplies, linens, or family heirlooms, you should have a game plan for keeping everything secure. You may also want to set up cameras before you move or install a security system that will notify you if anyone tries to take a tour of your new home before you arrive.

    You may not know your neighbors yet, but they can also help play a role in keeping your home safe during move-in and in the future. Download the free Neighbors App by Ring, you can see and share real-time safety information with the people in your community. In the days leading up to your move, you can check in for security updates. And if you need help tracking down a missing box, you can make a post to see if your neighbors have any information.

    Click to open Neighbors App in App Store. Click to open Neighbors App in Google Play Store.

    How To Prepare for a Move in the Days Before

    Once you have some big items crossed off your to-do list, you can officially prepare for the move. Here are some moving tips we collected to help streamline the days leading up to it:

  • Set aside the essential things you need when moving and pack them in an open-first box, so you don’t have to dig through boxes for a toothbrush, garbage bag, medication, or phone charger.
  • Collect and store important documents safely by putting them in a portable file box with a secure latch. Keep the box in the car with you during the move, so it doesn’t get misplaced.
  • Use packing peanuts and bubble wrap to pack up fragile items, and clearly label the boxes with “fragile” and “handle with care.”
  • Create an inventory of valuable items and pack them separately to bring in the car with you. Don’t put labels like “fine jewelry” or “grandma’s china” on the boxes. These can entice opportunists on move-in day. You can also store small valuables in a safety deposit box at the bank if you don’t want to think about them on move-in day.
  • Let your kids know your moving plan and prepare some activities if they’ll tag along during the day.
  • According to the ASPCA, you should keep pets in a familiar room you’ll pack up last. Figure out where they’ll go on move-in day if you’re moving locally, like a friend’s house or a closed-off room in your old home. For long-distance moves, make sure to stop for frequent potty breaks and book pet-friendly accommodations.
  • Organize and label boxes by room so you can easily unpack them later.
  • Make a quick visit to your new home to install any security cameras or alarm systems you picked up.
  • Clean your new home ahead of time and take some measurements to see if your favorite sectional will fit in the living room.
  • Pack your security system last if you have one installed in your old house to help prevent someone from taking boxes before the move.
  • Day-Of Tips for Moving Into a New House

    You’re up bright and early with a large coffee in one hand and a box under the other arm — which means it’s officially move-in day! Today should be a breeze if you followed your moving checklist, booked a moving crew several weeks ago, and packed all your belongings ahead of time. But we still put together a few moving tips for the day-of that will make the process even smoother:

  • Park the moving truck in a well-lit area as close to your new home as possible. Shut and lock the doors when you take a lunch or water break, and never leave it unattended if the door is open. If you installed an outdoor camera, position it so the truck is in view.
  • Walk through your new home while it’s empty so you can plan where big pieces of furniture will go.
  • Set up your new locks, security system, and indoor and outdoor cameras if you haven’t already. You’ll know if someone is snooping around your moving van in the driveway or tries to get inside while you’re busy unpacking. Plus, seeing security cameras or stickers can help deter them from making a stop in the first place.
  • Move valuables into a secure room that’s not easily accessible from the front door, and lock it while you move in boxes.
  • Take precautions for children and pets. Before you let your family roam freely in their new place, check for hazards like sharp edges, cords, or easily accessible outlets.
  • Locate your home’s critical functions, like the fuse box, circuit breaker, and water valve. If the power unexpectedly goes out in the coming weeks, you won’t have to feel around in the dark to try and see if a breaker tripped.
  • Find your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they’re working properly.
  • Lock the doors when you’re not going in and out. While you’re unpacking kitchen supplies, you don’t want someone to walk in unnoticed and swipe a box from the front room.
  • Now that you’ve made the move, you can focus on protecting the new place you call home with a few dos and don’ts of home security. Learn More

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