Which Ring Bundle Is Right for Your Home?
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Which Ring Bundle Is Right for Your Home?

By Ring on October 27, 2023

With so many innovative products and features to choose from, you may need a little guidance to find the right Ring setup for your space. That’s why we created bundles that simplify security for any home set up.

Whether you’re a security novice or a seasoned pro, this guide can help you decide which Ring Bundle option is the best fit for your security goals.

Essential Bundles for Beginners

If you’re just starting to invest in home security, these bundles offer the basics to help protect your home inside and out.

Video Doorbell + Stick Up Cam Battery

This versatile bundle gives you visibility over your front door with a reliable Video Doorbell that can alert you when packages arrive, visitors stop by, or unexpected activity happens on your doorstep. And with a waterproof, battery-powered Stick Up Cam, you have nearly limitless options to monitor any other area in or around your home, from the living room to the backyard.

Since Stick Up Cam can be placed on tables, mounted on walls, and moved from indoors to out, it can help you decide if and how you want to invest in more security cameras down the road. You can test out different setups and determine the best locations for other indoor and outdoor options.

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit comes with two essential outdoor cameras for beginners looking for a layer of protection around their home. Ring’s Video Doorbell 4 helps you keep up with the action at your front door, and Floodlight Cam uses motion-activated lights to brighten up driveways, backyards, and other outdoor areas when someone walks by.

5-Piece Alarm Security Kit + Video Doorbell Wired

Our Alarm Security Kit is the best place to start if you’re looking for all the basics of a security system or a building block for a more robust system down the line. And combined with our Video Doorbell Wired, this bundle provides a strong foundation of security in and around your home.

In addition to watching over your front door and speaking with visitors, you can get real-time alerts when a door or window is opened or when motion is detected with a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately.1 If you need more Contact Sensors to cover doors and windows, extra Motion Detectors for hallways or entryways, or even optional Accessories to detect smoke, broken glass, or running water, you can purchase and connect new devices as you see fit.

Convenient Bundles for Smart Home Enthusiasts

These smart bundles can help upgrade security and make your life a little easier.

Video Doorbell Pro and Level Bolt

If you’ve ever wished you could continue cooking, feeding your kiddo, or folding laundry while still being able to unlock the door for visitors, this bundle makes it possible. You can see who rang your Video Doorbell Pro with Live View on the Ring App and unlock your Level Bolt from the same screen with a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately.1 Since you only have to replace the deadbolt on your door, you can keep your existing hardware — so you don’t have to sacrifice style to go smart.

Alarm Security Kit With Echo Dot

With an Alarm and Echo Dot bundle, you don’t need to click a single button to control your security system — you can simply say, “Alexa, arm Ring” if you have a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately.1 When you’re not home, you can get notifications in the Ring App, check the Event history, and digitally arm and disarm your system, so you can take advantage of its smart features anywhere.1

Echo Dot doesn’t just make it easier to use Ring Alarm. It can also act as your smart home hub to control compatible devices, enabling you to set the temperature or preheat the oven with your voice. With its built-in speaker, you can also have Alexa turn up the volume on your favorite playlist for an impromptu dance party.

2-Pack Stick Up Cam With Echo Show 5

Unexpected action always seems to happen when you’re working on something important. With a Stick Up Cam and Echo Show 5 bundle, you can see what’s happening in different areas of the house just by asking Alexa. That means you can see real-time footage from the living room, for example, while you cook dinner in the kitchen. That means you can keep kneading dough or stirring sauce in the kitchen without pulling out your phone to check Live View.

Since Stick Up Cams work both inside and out, you can also use one to keep an eye on your dog playing in the yard while you fold laundry inside. And if you see your energetic pup trying to dig a hole in the garden, you can ask Alexa to “talk to the backyard” — but there’s no guarantee that your pet will honor your request to stop.

Pro Bundles to Level Up Security for the Whole Home

These upgraded bundles get you the most innovative features Ring has to offer, from 3D Motion Detection to built-in network security.

Deluxe Pro Bundle

With a Video Doorbell Pro 2 and three Floodlight Cam Pros, you can cover all the important areas around your home, from the front door to the driveway, and get the most advanced motion detection and audio available. Both camera types come with 3D Motion Detection to ensure you get accurate notifications, even when it’s dark. Plus, you can use Bird’s Eye View to see visitors’ paths around your property and customize the areas you want to monitor. If you need to speak with a visitor from your video doorbell or Floodlight Cam Pro, Audio+ provides crisp audio and minimizes background noise, so your conversation isn’t interrupted by chirping birds or passing cars.

Video Doorbell Pro 2 also has automated Alexa Greetings, which are available with a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately. For example, if you’re not home to greet a deliver driver, Alexa can tell them where to place your package.1

Alarm Pro Security Kit, 8-Piece + Stick Up Cam Battery + Echo Show 5

This pro bundle combines the convenient smart home features you get with our Stick Up Cam and Echo Show 5 bundle with the unparalleled protection of Ring Alarm Pro. The Alarm Pro Base Station doubles as an eero router and unlocks extra features from your Ring Protect Pro subscription, sold separately.1

Your Ring Protect Pro subscription provides built-in network security, including data encryption, ad blocking, and content filters, to keep your digital life secure. If the power goes out, 24/7 Backup Internet keeps Alarm Pro and other devices online, from gaming consoles to laptops, so you can keep working (or playing) without interruption. You also get the option to store videos from your Stick Up Cam and other Ring cameras locally on a microSD card, sold separately, for extra security.1

Explore All Ring Bundles to Find the Perfect Setup

Didn’t see a bundle that’s just right for your home? We have even more options to choose from, with a range of Alarm Kit sizes and cameras to fit your home’s blueprint. Browse our full list of bundles or speak with a specialist to find the best setup.

1 Ring Alarm and all Ring Alarm accessories require a subscription for in-app features and digital notifications, including digital arming / disarming and integration with other Ring, Echo, Alexa, and third party products. Subscription sold separately. View ring.com/protect-plans for pricing and details.

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