The Next Generation of Motion Detection
The Next Generation of Motion Detection
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The Next Generation of Motion Detection

By Jamie Siminoff on February 24, 2021

When it comes to home security, it’s important to have the full context of what’s happening around your home. At Ring, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our technology, and build features that offer added peace of mind. No matter the feature, we do this in pursuit of our mission of making neighborhoods safer.

Introducing 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View: Now See the Total Picture of What’s Happening at Home

Today, we are introducing two brand new features that are the result of nearly three years of hard work across the Ring team. 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View are the latest advancements in home security available on Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, our newest premium, wired doorbell. Together, these new features provide you with the exact location and time that a motion event took place and an aerial view of the movement on your property. Both are a natural next step in home security - the more information you have, the quicker you can take action.

3D Motion Detection allows you to more accurately pinpoint when and where a motion will trigger a video recording.

With 3D Motion Detection, you can customize the specific threshold for 3D Motion Detection and your Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 only starts recording when someone passes the threshold. The radar sensors determine when an object crosses the virtual threshold by measuring its specific distance from the camera. Alongside traditional Ring features like Customizable Motion Zones and Privacy Zones, this makes it even easier to exclude areas outside your property where motion frequently takes place, such as the sidewalk or the street in front of your home, and gives you Motion Alerts only for the events that matter most to you.

The aerial map view of motion events provides a full picture of what’s going on at your front door, including what happened just before you began live streaming.

3D Motion Detection also powers the all-new Bird’s Eye View feature, which lets you see the exact path someone took from an aerial perspective. Regardless of if you’re watching a motion event in Live View or in your Event History (with a Ring Protect Plan), you will see a picture-in-picture layout in the app that shows both the current movement path and gray dots that light up indicating where the motion event started before the visitor crosses over your threshold. 

Here’s Why You’ll Love It

3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View are about giving you more control and context at home. With 3D Motion Detection, you’ll receive smarter, more relevant alerts thanks to the radar sensor, which pinpoints precise information related to your motion alerts, including exactly when and where visitors travel on your property through Bird’s Eye View.

How to Get These New Features

3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View will both be available on Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, Ring’s newest, premium wired doorbell. You will see the Bird’s Eye View path as a picture-in-picture experience in both Live View and when reviewing recordings in your event history (with a Ring Protect Plan). If you are a Ring Protect Plan subscriber, you can look back at your motion event history and see the full video and aerial view recorded on your Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. I’m excited about what these new features mean for Ring and how they will raise the bar for motion detection moving forward, continuing to bring you additional peace of mind.

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