Kids always seem to have the right way of looking at things. We can always depend on them to put everything in a new perspective.

Seven-year-old Wyatt Warner rode his mini-bike to a friend’s house in Utah. As he pulled up to his buddy’s porch, he saw an American flag waving in the wind. What happened next has taken the internet by storm, and it’s brought together Americans from all walks of life.

Let’s see what Wyatt does when he thinks no one’s looking:

Wyatt’s innocent recital of the Pledge of Allegiance quickly made its rounds on the internet. National news stations picked up the footage from his friend’s Ring Video Doorbell, and millions of people have now seen Wyatt’s patriotic pledge.

“I thought about all the people that died for our country,” Wyatt said. “I just wanted to support our Americans.”

Wyatt’s impromptu pledge reminds us all about what the flag stands for and what it really means to be an American.

Fresh off Memorial Day Weekend, Wyatt is a refreshing reminder that we’re all united under the flag. With a little inspiration from this young patriot, we can all work together to achieve a common goal: To be one nation indivisible.

Thanks, Wyatt, for showing us all what it means to be a patriot!