Last year’s Super Bowl Sunday was a record-setting day for Ring homes. As friends and family came together to celebrate the Big Game, Ring Notifications hit an all-time high, spiking by as much as 25% over a typical Sunday afternoon.

This year was no different. As millions of us gathered around the tube to watch one of the greatest football games ever, Ring homes were kept busy with countless doorbell dings and motion alerts. Let’s see how the data stacks up to your Super Bowl party.

The Pre-Game Festivities

Football fans got started early this Sunday. The graph above shows the number of doorbell dings during Super Bowl Sunday compared to a typical Sunday. As you can see, partygoers started showing up about three hours before game-time, most likely to snag the best seat available and to get a quick bite to eat before kickoff.

The biggest spike in traffic came about 30 minutes before the start of game, as Ring homes saw as much as a 45% increase in doorbell dings over a normal Sunday. This spike continued until early in the first quarter, when the last of the latecomers finally showed up.

The Big Game

This next graph shows us all of the motion alerts that took place during the Big Game. Whereas the previous graph let us see when the partygoers showed up, this graph will also show us when they left.

As expected, the biggest spike in traffic was during the Halftime Show. As Lady Gaga was performing for millions of football fans, many of us were leaving our parties to pick up some extra party favors or going out back to fire up the grill. When the third quarter started, traffic spiked again, as we were all trying to get back to our parties in hopes of watching the second half.

Unfortunately, the data is unable to show us how many unlucky fans left early and weren’t able to watch Tom Brady and the Patriots’ comeback. It does show, however, that as soon as James White scored the game-winning touchdown, people left their parties in droves, too much in a hurry (or maybe just disappointed) to enjoy the trophy ceremony.

A New Ring Record

Tom Brady and the Patriots weren’t the only ones breaking records on Sunday. We all broke a record! This past Sunday was the most traffic we’ve ever seen on Ring devices, and the 40% spike in doorbell dings was the highest so far.

It’s great to see that more and more people are trusting their home security to Ring, and we can’t wait to see how big the numbers are for next year’s Super Bowl parties.

As always, we’d love to see all of the festivities that your Ring captured during the Big Game, so be sure to share your favorite videos with If we end up using your video, we’ll give you a free year of Cloud Video Recording!