A porch pirate recently made his rounds in a Northern California community just outside of Sacramento. Armed with a bright-red satchel, the holiday thief walked door-to-door, scooping up any packages that were left out in the open.

The thefts took place during the week after Christmas, and the thief has been dubbed “Bad Santa” by locals, on account of his timing and the big red bag he used to carry the stolen goods.

Luckily, a local homeowner was able to catch the crook on her Ring Video Doorbell, and police are now asking for the public’s help to identify the suspect.

The homeowner, who asked to remain anonymous, recently purchased her Video Doorbell as part of a Black Friday deal. And it only took a few weeks for her purchase to pay for itself.

Just a week after Christmas, her Video Doorbell caught a man walking up to her porch with a cigarette in his mouth and a big red bag hanging over his shoulder. The man stood for a few seconds, looked right into the camera, then stuffed his bags with the packages that were left on the porch.

“It’s kind of sad,” said the homeowner. “He’s clearly going door-to-door, taking multiple people’s packages, and people work hard for their money.”

Although the incident left the community frazzled, they were all determined to fight back.

The homeowner immediately shared the video with police and her local Facebook group, and it was quickly picked up by Sacramento news stations ABC10 and CBS13.

The video was passed around her community, and thanks to the evidence from her Ring Video Doorbell, tips came flooding in. Within a few days, police had a handful of leads to work with, but they’re still looking for the public’s help to take the grinch off the streets.

If you recognize the suspect or want to report a similar crime in the area, contact the Citrus Heights Police Department at 916-727-5524. To protect yourself against porch pirates, check out our article on ways to prevent package theft.