Three strikes and you’re out, right? The Gerber family from Milford, Conn., certainly hopes that’s the case.

In the span of just a week, a masked burglar wearing a New York Yankees cap has tried to break into the Gerber family home three times. And each time, a Ring Video Doorbell was there to capture the culprit.

“They’re saying that he’s probably been doing this for a while […] which is scary,” said homeowner Sandy Gerber. “He might have been doing this before we put in the new system.”

The “new system” is Sandy’s Ring Video Doorbell, which was installed at her home before she and her husband went on vacation, and it only took a few days for her purchase to pay off.

Sandy and her husband were vacationing in Jersey Shore, over a hundred miles away from their home, when Sandy’s doorbell notified her of activity on her property. The video showed a masked man in a baseball cap and what looks like painters’ coveralls trying to open the front door. Luckily, he wasn’t able to break in, but he returned just a few days later, and like before, he fled the scene after realizing the door was locked.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

After sending the videos to local police, Sandy posted them on social media and reached out to Channel 3 Eyewitness News to cover the story. She had hoped the press would lead to the suspect’s arrest or, at the very least, scare him into stopping. But a day after the story aired, the suspect was back, and this time, Sandy and her husband were asleep at home.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

“He’s somebody who’s going to come in the house when we’re home, and I don’t know what his intentions are,” Sandy said. “It’s the unknown that’s more frightening than anything else.”

The suspect wore the same hat and coveralls as the previous attempts, and again, he turned away when he was unable to open the door. The Gerbers are now convinced that the masked man had hit their home multiple times before being caught on camera, and although the suspect is still on the loose, they’re working with local police to put the crook behind bars.

While she’s still understandably concerned, Sandy couldn’t be happier with Ring. “I’m very happy with it,” she said. “Absolutely priceless!”

In a scenic and tranquil town like Milford, it’s easy to get comfortable and let your guard down. But the Gerbers’ story proves that, no matter where you live, crime can strike at any second, and with Ring, you have the power to put an end to that crime.

If you recognize the suspects in the video or want to report a similar incident in the area, contact the Milford Police Department at 203.878.6551 or

UPDATE (7/29): The suspect has been caught! In the past week, the masked man returned to the Gerbers’ home twice, and on the second time, the police were conducting a stakeout and stopped him in his tracks. Walter Denike, a 62-year-old resident of Milford, was arrested for third-degree criminal trespassing and interfering with police. The Gerbers and police are now using the Ring videos to convict the crook. Here’s footage of the arrest:

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Once again, the good guys win, thanks in part to Ring Video Doorbell.