It’s a technique that criminals have been using for ages, but here at Ring, we’re trying to make it a thing of the past. It typically happens during the day, when criminals assume homeowners are at work. They ring the doorbell or knock on the door, and when no one answers, they find a way to break in.

This is what law enforcement officials call a “Knock-Knock Burglary.” And homeowners around the globe are using Ring Video Doorbells to put an end to these crimes.

Just this past week, KTLA5 and NBC4 reported on a string of knock-knock burglaries hitting Rancho Palos Verdes, a beachside suburb in Los Angeles county. Typically a quiet community with little crime, residents are now on edge as a pair of thieves sweep through their neighborhood.

“It’s scary,” said 77-year-old Judy Sannes, a Palos Verdes resident. “It’s such a sweet, safe neighborhood, and now I’m afraid.”

But Judy isn’t letting these crooks off the hook. She’s using her Ring Video Doorbell and the local media to help police put these thieves behind bars.

Judy was at home when she heard a knock at her door. Using the Ring app, she was able to see a woman in her twenties on her porch. As soon as Judy greeted the woman through the speaker on her doorbell, the stranger said she had the wrong address and fled the scene in a blue Nissan Altima driven by an accomplice.*

*Note the blue vehicle parked across the street in the video.

Judy immediately called the police to report the suspicious activity, and that’s when she learned that these crooks had already stalked a number of houses on her street. Unfortunately, one of her neighbors wasn’t lucky enough to stop these thieves, and after breaking in through a back window, they were able to steal cash and jewelry from his home.

“Once something like this happens,” said Judy’s neighbor, “you think that you’re vulnerable now.”

But Rancho Palos Verdes residents are ready to fight back: “This was a wake-up call,” said a local homeowner. “We will not be invaded.”

Although the suspects are still at large, local residents armed with Ring devices are working with authorities to put an end to the crime spree. With the suspect’s photo being featured in local news throughout the region, neighbors are confident that they’ll catch the team of thieves before they strike again.

Ring is leading the fight against crime in Palos Verdes and similar communities throughout the world. By putting the power of home security in their hands, we make sure homeowners keep their homes secure and their neighborhoods safe, and by working together, we can deliver peace of mind to us all.

If you recognize the suspects in the video or want to report a similar incident in the area, contact the LA County Sheriff’s Lomita Station at 310.891.3213.