Did you know that the United States leads the world in home burglaries? About four burglaries occur every minute; that’s one every 15 seconds.*

Some of our favorite Ring moments are personal stories of how our products played a role in thwarting crime or stopping a thief in the act. These stories prove that our mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods is achievable.

From package thieves to opportunistic burglars, Ring is actively keeping a safe eye on your home to alert you of any movement, visitors or suspicious activity. Here are some stories our customers have recently shared with us.


Burglar rings the doorbell first (Houston, TX)

This burglar rang the doorbell (notice the glove-covered hands) to see if anyone was home before breaking in. Though the homeowner missed this motion alert on his smartphone, he was still able to submit this Ring video as evidence to the local police when he returned home to broken windows and doors.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.58.49 AM


Package thief gets caught (San Diego, CA)

Although this package thief thought she was being clever with her sweater tactic, little did she know that there was a Ring Video Doorbell watching her every move. Homeowner Nick shared this Ring video as evidence with his local police, and consequently, this package thief was caught and arrested.


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.00.01 AM



Vacant or occupied home? (Westminster, CA)

Mike thought it was quite suspicious that his unexpected visitor left as soon as he disclosed that he was at home via his Ring Video Doorbell (watch until the very end). This suspicious behavior prompted Mike to share this Ring video with his neighborhood to warn them to keep a lookout for this visitor.



False solicitor gets busted (Fort Gratiot Twp, MI)

By using his Ring Video Doorbell, Josh was able to intercept this unknown visitor and make sure his wife did not come into contact with him despite her being home. It was later revealed that this visitor was arrested an hour later for falsely soliciting and collecting donations from Josh’s neighbors.


Port Huron - Edited


These stories are just a slight peek into how Ring is playing a part in reducing crime in your neighborhood today. When you have a Ring Video Doorbell or Stick Up Cam watching over your home, you can depend on Ring to capture and deliver all the important moments to you.

With Ring, you’re #AlwaysHome.


*The Safewise Report