How to Form a Neighborhood Watch
How to Form a Neighborhood Watch
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How to Form a Neighborhood Watch

By Nick on May 27, 2016

Step 1: Research Crime

  • Speak with neighbors about crime concerns and current prevention solutions.

Step 2: Contact Police

  • Contact your local police department.

  • Tell them you want to start a neighborhood watch and need further direction.

Step 3: Find Location

  • Ask local restaurants, libraries, or community centers if you can reserve space to hold meetings (The police may be able to assist you with this step.)

Step 4: Create Calendar

  • Create a 6-12 mos calendar, listing dates, themes, and agendas of each meeting.

Step 5: Keep Contact

  • Use to keep/share information and communicate with members and police.

Step 6: Feature Experts/Products

  • Ask security professionals to showcase crime prevention techniques.

Step 7: Survey Results

  • Present members with an online survey to find what parts of the meeting they find most helpful and what they would like to know more about.
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