We know our customers may stand divided when it comes to operating systems. But we don’t want that to hinder anyone from being #AlwaysHome. So regardless of whether you’re working on a Windows10 PC or Mac, we’re making it even easier for you to see and speak to your visitors with the Ring desktop apps. We’ve also included some similar functions to those you find on your mobile Ring app as well.

When you receive a Ring or Motion alert, you can Accept or Deny the Ring video calls.


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You can also review & download past videos onto your own device with our cloud video recording plan.
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You can now adjust the volume of the Ring Video Doorbell tune! (We’ll be adding this feature to your mobile Ring app in the near future.)
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These are just a few of the features that you can access from your desktop. If you haven’t already, download the Ring app below and start exploring!

With Ring, you’re #AlwaysHome.


To download the Ring app on your Mac, click here.

To download the Ring app on your Windows10 PC, click here.


Just as a friendly reminder, Ring app is available on:

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iPhone/iPad: ring.com/ios
Mac: ring.com/mac
Android Phone/Tablet: ring.com/android
Windows 10 Computer/Tablet: ring.com/windows