Super Bowl Sunday was a busy day for Ring Users! Whether hosting a party or attending a friend’s, Ring users were much more active this Super Bowl Sunday when compared with last Sunday.

About three hours before the big game started, we saw approximately 25% more motion alerts than the previous Sunday. That held steady until right before kick-off when the number of motions recorded fell to the same level as the previous weekend. At the beginning of halftime, we saw a sharp increase in motion alerts, as well as when halftime ended.

As soon as the Broncos claimed Super Bowl victory, the motion alerts shot back up as people started to leave their respective parties. The last motion detection spike we saw was after the post-game ceremonies and when guests started to head home.

The doorbell rings (pressing of the doorbell button) tells a more straightforward story with huge increases in volume until about 10 minutes before the game started (also known as the prime time to settle into your comfy couch spot with your tasty Super Bowl snacks). The number of doorbell rings dropped off pretty sharply once the game started, but we still see all you late-comers showing up for a half hour after kick off.

Share how your Ring Video Doorbell lent a helping hand during your Super Bowl festivities in the comments below!