Demetrius Denton – Retail Shipping Coordinator

He helps to ensure that our retail stores are fully stocked with Rings.


Tell us about your role here at Ring.
I started off doing temporary work with Doorbot, refurbishing the products to see what the problem is. Then, I came back again doing temporary work for Ring, shipping off orders to customers. Finally, on July 7th, 2015, I was brought in as a full-time employee to the Retail & Reselling Department. I prepare and gather all the Ring products to send out to the retail stores nationwide, so I push products out on a weekly basis to retailers and a daily basis to resellers.

Favorite place to hang out in Los Angeles?
Lakewood mall – my favorite store to shop at is Macy’s.

Off the clock – what are you doing?
Sleep. Eat. Just prepare for work the next day! (Gosh, what a workaholic!)

What do you like about Ring?
I enjoy the flexibility – I have control of my work hours. I can come in and leave when I want to, I just need to make sure I get all my tasks done for the day.

What’s one thing about that many people don’t know about?
I like fashion, and one of my favorite designers is Ralph Lauren.

Besides the Ring App (of course), what’s your favorite App and why?
Pandora or Soundcloud. My favorite song at the moment is Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”