Koltyn Palmer – Ring Customer Support Lead

He ensures that you have the ultimate Ring experience! 

Tell us about your role here at Ring.

I’m in my 9th month. Started off in Customer Support and now I’m a Lead. Even more exciting, next week I’ll be a Supervisor Trainer!

Favorite place to hang out in Los Angeles?

Ring HQ. Seriously, I’m here hours after my shift sometimes.

Other than the office, the Daily Pint – it’s right around the corner here! We go there often with my team. It’s a cool pub with a jukebox & shuffleboard. Very cool.

Off the clock – what are you doing?

Working when I shouldn’t be (Haha!).

Mostly I spend my time cooking food to eat for the week. I eat eggs and salmon every day – sometimes, I have salmon for breakfast and lunch.

What’s something about you that many people don’t know about?

I was in the Marine Corps, and I played Rugby for 6 years. My dream job is to build sustainable cities that are completely reliant on themselves.

Of the many, many customers you help, any memorable interactions?

Back in June when we had a small Customer Support team – and by small, I mean we all fit in one desk – a video came in with a perpetrator trying to steal a bicycle! Our Ring video caught him in action. (Link to watch: http://bit.ly/1j0PIh6)

This was the first customer submitted video I’ve ever seen – it was rewarding to see that what we’re doing here is improving safety in communities!

Besides the Ring App (of course), what’s your favorite App and why?

Do Messages count? I do text a lot.
Mmm, Chrome and Uber. And then, there’s Amazon.