We are pleased to announce that motion detection has already been activated on your device. In order to get the feature configured, please go to the Ring App > select your Ring device > Motion Settings > Zones and Ranges.

Adjust the slider first to your preference, and then tap on the zones that you’d like to receive alerts for. Lastly–you can choose the frequency in which you’d like to receive alerts by opening the Smart Alerts section.

We will continue to iterate on the advanced motion detection and improve the feature as usage increases. In the meantime, if you have any comments, suggestions, or experiences you’d like to share with us, please send all comments to motion[at]ring[dot]com. For specific alerts, please include the time that the motion event took place, as well as the MAC ID of the specific Ring Doorbell.

For more information on our motion detection feature and to learn about the engineering behind such an advanced system, please view our tutorial video http://bit.ly/1Jt5koN. You always have access to this video within your Ring app’s motion settings.

Below are screenshots of what the Motion Detection settings looks like in your Ring app. We can’t wait for you to start using this feature, as we’ve worked long and hard on delivering a feature that not only adds to the convenience of the product, but more importantly turns your Ring Video Doorbell into a powerful security device.