We wanted to show you how the Rings are looking.  While we do not have enough units to start shipping, we do have a few hundred beta units.  If you are in the LA area and want to try one, come ring our bell at the office located at 1523 26th St., Santa Monica, CA. If you are not as close, here are some videos to help you get a feel for how the product works.

Ring Packaging and Unboxing

As with doorbot, we spent a lot of time on the packaging experience. Every tool that you need to install Ring is included in the packaging. And this time, we put in a really awesome canvas tool pouch. Check it out in the video below:













































































































The Ring App

The Ring app was built from the ground up and based on the learnings we had from doorbot. In addition to the ability of seeing and speaking with your visitor from anywhere, the Ring app also aggregates all of your events and makes it easy to view them. Watch the full Ring app preview and take a look at how quickly you can connect your Ring Video Doorbell to your home’s Wi-Fi network below:



Ring Demo Video

The Ring Video Doorbell does a lot of things. At its core are very fast notifications and incredibly crisp, real-time video. But rather than talk about it, check it out for yourself in the demo video below: